Sunday, January 27, 2008


Oh, dear. I cannot believe how long it's been since I've written anything here. I'm not going to offer up excuses, but it seems like the holidays had their way with me and then there was January, a month sure to suck whatever life force you have right down the drain.

So since I last wrote, 2 significant things have happened: I turned 31 and (more significantly) I got an embroidery machine for Christmas. Oh the joy!!! The ironic thing about the obscene amount of pleasure I am taking in this machine is that I myself am not a big fan of monogramming and embroidered things. I liked them when I got them for Andrew, but I don't think I took it upon myself to have even one thing personalized for him. But now....lordy. Everything is in danger of being branded with initials or some other charming doodad. It really is loads of fun and makes such wonderful gifts.

Honestly, I have to fight the impulse to embroider inappropriate things on items, because custom embroidered things are usually so, well...precious. My friend and colleague Ashley (and remember, I work as a practitioner in an STD clinic) is always kidding about how she is the self-designated Queen of Syphilis (although she jokingly pronounces it "Slif-lus"), since she somehow seems to treat so many folks with it. It is all I can do to restrain myself from stitching that on a shirt for her. I really may have to do it.

So...from syphilis to cooking. I've been trying my hand at some eclectic cuisine with fabulous results. When we lived in NYC my sister and her Turkish boyfriend would take us to a restaurant called Ali Baba in the east 30s. I would always order Manti (and nearly everything else on the menu) and have craved them ever since. When I saw the recipe in Martha Stewart Living I decided to try my hand at them. They're like a tiny little ravioli, but in typical middle-Eastern style, delicate and delicious and very frustrating to master. But totally worth it. Pete said they might be his very favorite food ever.

I have to go now - a neighbor is bringing over hot scones (how luscious!) but I promise to not be such a blogging loser anymore. It feels good to be home.