Thursday, October 23, 2008

Flying by...

Lordy. It's a damn shame I only get around to writing every month. Horrible. Forgive me.

I work in a clinic of many, many women. Only female providers, nurses, and patients. My friend James is the lone buoy of testosterone in an estrogen sea. Plus, in any environment, dear James is a king among men. A few weeks ago, he told me that his wedding anniversary coincides with his birthday, and he wondered if I would try my hand at dessert for him and his sweet wife. Pictured above was my solution, a take on a lemon-meringue pie, although the crust was shortbread and the filling passionfruit curd.

Another reason I wanted to do something nice for James is that even though I love it, I have decided to leave public health to join a private practice. This was a tough thing to consider, especially since I wasn't looking for new work. However, (and pardon the cliche), my new practice simply made me an offer that I couldn't refuse. I am excited in a tentative sort of way...I am always suspicious of opportunities that just fall in my lap and seems too good to be true. Anyway, my last day is Halloween, arguably my favorite day of the year, so that has to be an auspicious sign, right? Right?

I don't know if it's the transition in my life, or just growing older, but this fall in particular feels like sand through my fingers. It seems like every year I just live for October, and this one has been so satisfying - all chilly and saturated with color. We took Andrew to a little pumpkin farm down the road a few weeks ago.

He loved the pumpkin-bowling but flat refused to do a hayride or a trip around the yard on a donkey. This was disappointing to me - I really wanted a hayride.

Today we went to the state fair. It made me kind of sad to think of last year and how I was so turned on by all the vibrancy and camp of everything there. I must have taken dozens of pics then, but today I felt a little flat. However, this is a great are these boys for precious pumpkins: