Thursday, June 7, 2007


I think I neeeeeeeeed this book by Denyse Schmidt:

Has anyone bought it yet? Is it totally delicious?

I have so many lonely scraps that just sit around my studio languorously and I would love to be able to piece them into something dignified. The only quilt I've ever made is pretty but very formal-looking...a classic pinwheel design. I think if I do much more quilting I'd like to to be a bit more free-form, a la Gee's Bend.

This book looks nice because it seems to have some small projects that I could sit and do in a day and then feel gloriously triumphant in my accomplishment.


risca said...
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Anne K. said...

Can you tell I've just discovered your blog? :-)

I don't know this book, but for small projects I could recommend Mary Hickey's "Sweet and Simple Baby Quilts" (or something similiar to that.) The projects are quick and very attractive, and need not be limited to baby use. Plus, her directions are super. Have fun!