Thursday, July 24, 2008


Not just bad. Awful. I made a simple rhubarb crisp the other night and it was so horrid I couldn't even eat more than a bite. It was grainy and pasty and disgusting. Characteristically, neither Pete nor I had the heart to chuck it out, so it sat, covered, on our counter for 2 days until he finally did the dirty work and sent it to its final resting place.

This has never happened before. Anyone else out there had that experience? Ugh. If several people have had this experience, that would explain why there aren't more rhubarb enthusiasts. And there was one other factor. A reason which seems almost blasphemous to name, but....I used a Martha Stewart recipe from her website. Martha is, of course, one of my Favorite Folks On This Earth, living or dead, forever and ever, amen. And maybe it's just me, but sometimes the recipes from her website leave something to be desired. Like the whole flippin' desert you were planning to have and now is just sitting sadly on your counter, like a dead fish in a bowl.

This is probably good, because I have to go to a wedding in just 2 short days and the dress I am going to have to wear is just a tiny bit too small. I've been subsisting on about 900 calories a day for the past week to squeeze my tush into it. I joke that it's like the diet from The Devil Wears Prada where she says, I don't eat anything all day, and when I feel I'm going to pass out I eat a cube of cheese. Anyway, my mother is visiting tonight, so I'm sure I will get a honest assessment. Mothers are good at those sorts of things.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

I'm sorry!
But if it hadn't turned out bad, then you wouldn't have posted the picture of that sheep which absolutely made my day! Sheep are the cutest things!

Galadriel Thompson said...

Boy have I missed you! Thanks for hanging in there with me:) Can't wait to get caught up on all the succulent news that I have missed.

love and hugs

fjorlief said...

I just found myself on your blog somehow, and had to comment. I went and looked up the Martha Stewart Rhubarb Crisp recipe, and compared it to the one I use. I seriously think that there is waaay too little sugar in the filling, that would make a filling that was really sour. I'm a little dubious about the proportions of the crumble topping too, looks like waaay too much flour...

If you want, I can send you my recipe, which is pretty different from Martha's, and my friends love it. But I will understand if you never want to try rhubarb again