Thursday, February 12, 2009

YIKES!! (and an announcement)

Oh, lordy! Where has the time gone? Actually, I can tell you. I just endured a rather unfortunate adventure in midwifery, so I have quit my job and am now (and hopefully temporarily) a kept woman. The crazy thing about creativity is that even though it can flourish during stressful situations, it can also wilt away. That's pretty much what happened. Ahem. So that's that.

I tend to love all spring holidays (or the two of them, Valentine's Day and Easter) and this year Andrew and I are going to a Valentine's party at our friend Julie's house. She has 2 cuties about A's age, and other neighborhood kids are coming too. Getting Andrew to sit down to make a Valentine was nightmarish, so I decided to take charge. Fortuitously, I got an email from The Toymaker. Such a lovely little website, and I decided to cut and construct these little paper chocolate trucks for the boys at the party (a 4:1 ratio!) and fill them with chocolates.

We're having company for the weekend, so I have done some cooking today: a carrot cake with orange-cream cheese frosting, orange scones, and passionfruit curd. The first two recipes are from my new very favorite cookbook, The Sweet Melissa Baking Book. I used to live just a few streets down from the bakery in Brooklyn and loved to go. In fact, I ate there all the time when I was pregnant with Andrew.

Sooooo, it is fitting that I cook and eat my way through it now as well, as Pete and I are expecting a sweet little addition of our own come late August. We are thrilled.


Ripley said...

I couldn't be more excited! I miss you so much! I love your blog! Those little trucks are too cute to believe!

Elizabeth said...

I really enjoy your blog, and I'm glad you are back. Congratulations also!

by Johanna Brandvik said...
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