Friday, October 12, 2007


In an unfortunate turn of fate, we lost our internet connection sometime Monday night. When I woke up Tues morning to persistent "cannot find server" messages I thought I was going to be sick and hysterical all at the same time and went around the house screaming, "But it's my only contact with the outside world!!!!".

So for three days I have soldiered on, trying to imagine how I got through my life before the days of the WWW. Several times a day I would frantically check - has it come back on? Nothing. My name is Jill and I have an internet addiction.

But then this afternoon - a miracle!! It's fixed!! My hands literally shook with glee as I bopped from one site to another, barely daring to believe it's true. My son, who has never watched a TV program was allowed 30 minutes of all-access Thomas the Train viewing on YouTube. It was the virtual equivalent of the scene in Willy Wonka where the gluttonous children are allowed to gorge themselves on the edible world. That was me - the fat kid from Germany.


Bethany said...

I'm busting up over here! I feel your pain, dear! I was just saying to a friend, 'What did we do without the internet? How did we get anywhere?'

Hahaha. Too funny!

Glad to have you back!

domesticgoddess said...
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domesticgoddess said...

Life before 'google' and 'mapquesting' were verbs is hard to remember, isn't it? When I get those evil "page cannot be found" messages it feels like I have lost a limb or something. I become Augustus Gloop too, as soon as the cable man gets my poison running again!

Funny post girl...just what I needed after a long, sleepless night at casa de bambino.

by Johanna Brandvik said...

Welcome back! Yes, there just may be a 12-step in my future if the blogging at almost 1am continues. Cheers!

Bethany said...

Hey, Dear! I tagged you! Give me ten weird things about yourself! Ready? Go!