Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blah, blah, blah

Sometimes I don't know why I entitled this blog something sewing-related when all I seem to do is post pictures of food:

A cake for my friend Patrick

Andrew having internal struggles over the cake

Beautiful roasted-tomato bread from Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook (Please, you must. make. today.)

Even my breakfast.

I really have been sewing, but nothing terribly interesting, and if it is interesting then it's probably a gift for a friend and something I can't post yet. Because, of course, my projects intended for friends ebb and flow as I decide between Yes, they'll love it and No, it's just too awful to even give away.

So we redid our dining room recently, and although the room isn't done (because somebody didn't order enough wallpaper) I am still just completely in love with the paper that we did hang. And by "we", of course I mean Terry Jones of Horizon Wallpaper, a gifted hanger and the sweetest man to draw breath. Check out the before/after shots:

Once everything is in and gussied, I'll post more pics. I just love it. The dining room was my least favorite room of the house until recently. Now I just want to sit in it and stare at the walls.

Finally, at the risk of sounding like a blubbering fool about my deep love for Durham, I want to share with you a project that my friend Jeff started. It's called The Monti, and features live narratives and short real stories - think The Moth meets NC. He's having it once a month (right now it's in Chapel Hill) and I'm excited about attending the May one. Check it out.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

That cake looks like a huge yummy snowball. Mmmm.

I love your site! And I love North Carolina too. I was raised in Raleigh, but now live in peach-land, south of the border.


Bo said...

Bill and I love the wallpaper.

Maggie said...

wow your dining room is gorgeous. I thought it was a magazine spread!!