Thursday, April 10, 2008

I think there must be a real art to photographing quilts, because every attempt I made at getting a shot of this one failed. I made this back in February and have been meaning to post a picture of it. I feel like that's all I say these days: "I've been meaning to..., I've been meaning to...".

This little wallhanging quilt is what I made my grandmother for her 82nd birthday. That's her in the picture, with my grandfather. They've been married 62 years. Sixty-two!! 6-2! They grew up in a small coal town in WV, very poor. My grandmother was one of 16 kids. Sixteen!! 1-6! That picture was when they were about 17. It's my favorite picture of them, besides this one:

I was inspired to make this quilt after discovering the most luscious little book called "Quilted Memories" by Lesley Riley. I'm a loser at scrapbooking, not having the skill or patience required, but I relax around fabric. When my friend Melissa and I went antiquing this winter I found a huge bag of antique linens for $10 and used two pieces on this hanging: one was a dinner napkin and the other a linen handkerchief. I told my mother that this was my most favorite of all the things I have ever sewn, both because of the subject and the ease. Easy, I tell you!!

Last week I started a new job as a midwife in a health-dept prenatal clinic. It's intense, non-stop, whirlwind work but I am slowly adapting and am able to stay up for more than an hour after I get home. I love to lay my hands on a big, rotund abdomen and feel the waves of baby movements underneath. All that to say that my craftier sewing has fallen by the wayside, but I am trying my hand at simple garments to wear to work. Several little skirts, embellished with trim and buttons. Pics to come!

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Rose said...

Wow! There's a lot of passion in the second picture! Thanks for sharing and glad the new job is going well.