Tuesday, September 2, 2008

French Kiss

Let me just say that for years I have been attempting to learn how to make French macarons, the type I, and so many others first devoured at Laduree in Paris. They always, forever and without exception, failed. Anyway, I was doing my usual food-blog whoring around the other day and visited on of my favorite sites, Tartelette, and noticed that she had an excellent tutorial on how to make them here.

I do not think these are perfect (the little "feet" stick out, probably because the batter was just a tad too thin) but they are as close as I've ever gotten to the real thing. I filled them with the passionfruit curd I'd made yesterday, and aarrrrggghhhh.....my head is killing me from the sugar high.

I agree that this is probably more about technique than ingredients, since they consist solely of almonds, sugar and eggs. I know some people don't think it helps, but the big key here was to let the macarons dry out for an hour before baking. I also used egg whites that were a few days old, out of their shells.

My inner pastry chef loves when something a little exotic comes out of my kitchen. Which is to say, these are perfect for days when Durham is nice, but Paris is just so....you know.


Penny said...

Wow! These are so lovely! I think they look just fabulous, but more importantly, I bet they taste incredible!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Oh, I'm drooling. They look delicious. And I'm so impressed with your flowers in the post below. They look so dainty!

Anonymous said...

Jill you are so very talented! I enjoyed devouring the posts each one more beautiful than the other. Many blessings, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Jennifer turned me on to your blog, and let me just say...this stuff runs in the family...just ask Jennifer. Both of us are so into baking and crafting it is an obsession with us lol. I just love your ideas and your baby cloths. Thanks for sharing all of these things with us. Great stuff!!