Friday, September 19, 2008

Honey Love

Aren't these gorgeous? My succulent cousin Jennifer makes these and I'm just gonna say - They make me glad to be a woman.

They're little pearls and beads beautifully tangled up with silver wire around sterling hoops or loops.

Friends, let's all try to buy our holiday gifts, as much as possible, from talented crafters here in the US, shall we? Sites like Etsy have opened up a new world of beautiful items to conscious consumers and I am going to try to support our independent crafters and artisans. You in?

Jennifer's business is The Honeyfitz Factory and you can find it here: Her prices are incredible and include free shipping. Get shoppin', girls!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Thank you so much Jill!! I will for certain pledge with you for handmade. Thanks for the promo and support :)

xxxooo jennifer

Penny said...

I second the motion!! Etsy truly has some awesome artists that we would probably never know about otherwise!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What beautiful things she makes!
How I love etsy! This year I really am going to buy all my Christmas presents online!

Elizabeth said...

What a nice blog you have, I'll be checking in again!Beautiful earrings also :)

Amanda said...

Those earrings are beautiful! Great pictures too. I am totally going to buy handmade this holiday season. My husband and I decided that either we make Christmas gifts or that they have to be handmade by someone else, from Etsy or elsewhere. Imagine if everyone did that!