Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stop Train, Stop

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting my friend Amy and another mutual friend for lunch. Amy was an amazing presence in my life in grad school, and it's been a thrill to grow our friendship. She still lives in Queens, so I needed to take my Yankee friend for a little spin around Durham. We hit the Federal and Vin Rouge, and she loved it. Two midwives out on the town... watch out.

I've got to get busy around this house. I started a new job about three weeks ago and also had a mega-order of cloths from The Red Hen to fill (check it out!!), so I feel soooo behind. This time last year I had my pantry spic-and-span for baking season, my Christmas decorations displayed and my holiday activities underway. Maybe it's because Thanksgiving came so late, or because of my recent flurry of obligations, but I feel like I'm running after a train on the move. (fyi, we rented Darjeeling Limited this weekend. Weird, but so, so beautiful.)

Thanksgiving was lovely, I have many pics and stories to share, but this horendous house beckons. 'Hope all of you made great memories too.



Jennifer Jeffries Gallagher said...

It was so wonderful to see you and your beautiful family. Your cloths look fantastic at the Red Hen.

Love, Jennifer

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Those are the cutest burp cloths I've ever seen! Very cool!