Saturday, July 7, 2007

Suzanne's Quilt

Things are really busy here right now since we have a houseful of delightful company, but I wanted to post a quick pic of the little mini quilt I made for my sister. I first saw this quilt on Hillary's site and was so appreciative that she pointed me in the direction of the pattern at BHG. I pieced it all together in one day (one evening, really - after which I scurried off to the birth center to assist at a late-night's that for productive?) and then tried my hand at the quilting part. I'm not very good at that. I can't figure out how to drop my feed dogs and lessen my foot pressure without getting really tight stitches. Any suggestions?

But the important thing is that my sister just loved it, and I am so glad that she'll have something hanging in her room all the way back in LA to remind her just how special she is.


Anne K. said...

Fantastic quilt!

I had a hard time with stitch quality when I first started free-motion quilting, too. Practice helps - as does keeping a fairly steady speed, and not trying to move the quilt sandwich too quickly. Yours looks terrific, though!

Amy said...

It's lovely, such a great pattern!..and assisting in a delivery, what an amazing experience :)

Laney said...

Beautiful colors and pattern.I hope to someday piece and handquilt q quilt myself. Thank you for the inspiration.