Thursday, August 23, 2007


No wonder I was feeling crabby the other day. You would be too if you were secretly gestating the UTI from which I am currently suffering. Ahhh, the misery. I woke up kind of sick yesterday morning, and by lunch I was really feeling it. My midwife said she'd call in a prescription if I promised to go to my local Labcorp and give a sample. Hard to say which part was more agonizing: suffering through this infection, or suffering through the inhumane treatment at the lab. So now I am chock-full of antibiotics but still feeling kind of flu-y and tired. With no appetite. Figures. The Bacteria-Ravaged Body Diet is the only one I've ever been good at.

I think the crappiest part about being kinda sick is how mentally I am at my most ambitious when my body is ailing. I create lofty aspirations because I know that I have a dynamite excuse for not doing them. For example, right now I am thinking about how I would really love to be cleaning the kitchen floor and folding all the laundry or sewing up new orders, but - alas - I am sick and achy and couldn't possibly withstand the exertion. I can convince myself that if I were not sick and achy the house would shine like a new diamond and my latent craft projects would be nearly complete.

Clearly, I should have been diagnosed with dementia as well.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Folded laundry and mopped kitchen floors have ALWAYS been a figment of one's imagination in these parts! Sending you wishes of good health.


Rose said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. A similar thing happens to me when I'm away from home; I make elaborate plans to finally whip the house into shape and then can't wait to get home and put them into action but when I actually get home, I fall into the house with the suitcase and collapse on the couch to do nothing!