Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Ails Ya

Just when I thought the worst was over, boom - back to my sick self. However, on Monday I did manage to rouse my couch-bound body from an Anthony Bourdain marathon to make Nigella's Chocolate and Peanut Granola.

Although it seems as if I am endless grocery shopping, I am always surprised when I find a recipe and miraculously have all ingredients on hand. I took this as an urgent directive from the culinary goddesses and went straight to work on the granola, half expecting to see the likeness of Jesus or the Virgin Mother appear within the countours of my baked oat clusters.

It was pretty incredible, I have to tell you, as evidenced by the fact that it is already gone. Just a few suggestions, offered on behalf of my very crude palate: I think that when I make it again, I will use less ginger and cinnamon and maybe leave out the sesame seeds all together. I appreciate this about Nigella - I find her recipes very adaptable and subtly refined, just like her.


Galadriel Thompson said...

That and she has big boobs. I don't have any and I always appreciate em when I see em.

Sew Succulent said...

I appreciate them too. Appreciate them, but not sure I'd want them. Mine have already acquired the appearance of deflated baggies after a pregnancy and over a year of nursing.

Galadriel Thompson said...

Mine are kind of like flour in a bread bag. A small bread bag.