Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Call for Submissions

Without getting into too much detail, I have a question for my talented readers:

I am making a quilt for a baby and would love for the center medallion to reflect the lineage of women in her family. Any suggestions? Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This thing has to be made soon. Oh, dear.


by Johanna Brandvik said...

So, I'm not a quilter and I don't know the size and style of your quilt, but here are the first two ideas that come to mind:

1. Applique/embroider a tree branch with birds perched on it. Each bird represents a woman.

2. Applique/embroider a row or cluster of matryoshka dolls, each representing a woman.

Please post a picture...I'd love to see the finished product. BTW, how sweet.

Sew Succulent said...

oh, that is wonderful...yes, something like that.

ahna said...

1. perhaps a series of linking rings - each with the family name/date embroidered on it? Like the holiday count down links we'd make in elementary school - only beautiful and sentimental and not made out of red and green construction paper.
2. a Venn Diagram of sorts - each loop a family that intersects with the new baby?
Can you tell I'm a teacher? Boring ideas, but maybe they will help to trigger something wonderful in you.
I love the tree and birds that Johanna suggested.
3. What is the cultural heritage? Something wonderful there, perhaps. OR something that could drive the color choices.
4. Is there something that the family loves to do together or shares a love of that they want to pass on to this new baby? Gardening, reading, a great dog... (that's the shares a love for part - a great dog.)
5. A ring of beautiful appliqued flowers that represents the family.
All just brainstorming. sorry. I am such a dork.

Sew Succulent said...

Ahna - these ideas are great!!! thank you!!

domesticgoddess said...

While I'm not a big fan of iron-on transfers, I have been experimenting with printable fabric lately. How about a photo (or series of photos made into a fabric collage) of the women in this babe's family? It could easily be made into a family tree of some sort.

I'm currently working on a family "tree" where I've cut out leaf shapes from family photos printed on photo fabric. I'm doing lots of free-form machine embriodery on it, too. So far its coming out really cool. I'll have to show you what I'm up to.

Best of luck on the quilt and I'll second the request for a few pictures of the finished project!

Galadriel Thompson said...

I love all those ideas! Maybe you could do a symbol for something that is/was important for each of these ladies and connect them with birds and branches.

P.S. I just tagged you!

Bethany said...

Anybody remember hearing about the family crests in England/Scotland/etc.? If I recall, it was a symbol that reflected the characteristics of the family. Pretty cool as each crest was unique.

What about a take on that? If you know the women, or can find out, see if you can come up with something that reflects each woman and make a scene that includes each.

For example:
One woman loves to read: a book
One woman loves cooking: a fire
One woman has great style: a fashionable chick
One woman loves the earth: a garden

Put them together and you've got a fashionable chick in a garden sitting by the fire reading a book.


P.S. I lovelovelove your blog!