Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Lots of sewing around these parts.

I wanted to share with you some more of the banners I've been making. I've come up with a construction that's working really well: 1/8" Pellon interfacing between the layers of fabric. The interfacing makes them stiff but not too rigid. I've also been trying my hand at machine applique and have been tickled with the results.

This first picture is of a banner that a friend asked me to make for a baby shower. The rest of the nursery had come from this cute set at Target, and she wanted something that would match (apparently the mom is very matchy-matchy). I photoshopped the banner into the Target product pic.

This one I was asked to make for a little guy in the neighborhood, Mr. Jack, who arrived 6 weeks early to a half-decorated pirate-themed room. The end pieces on these were especially cute.

Ah, so many projects, so little nap-time for Andrew...

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ahna said...

Those banners are so sweet. Lucky babies and lucky mamas.