Sunday, September 23, 2007


When Pete and I moved to North Carolina I was 36 weeks pregnant and I had exactly one weekend (by myself) to find a home for us and our new family. I chose one on the outskirts of Durham against my better judgment. Now I wish I hadn't been such a little snob.

Durham is a really lovely town - kinda gritty, kinda highbrow - qualities I love in both cities and friends. We went to the farmer's market on Saturday and ran into some birth center friends (and babies!) and got lots of yummy finds. Check out the purple pepper!

Pete made a pizza to celebrate the weekend. Man, it was good.

I worked most of the night at the birth center last night so that's why this post probably doesn't make much sense. For some reason I had a hard time falling asleep this morning so I went to Trader Joe's by myself and it was lovely. Sometimes after I've assisted with a birth and I do something really ordinary like go to the grocery store I think, " I wonder if anyone else in here saw a birth this morning?". Probably not.

I'd never bought fresh figs before and something told me to get them while I could. I don't know what I was prepared for, but I had always thought that the skin of a fig was tough and bitter. Wrong. It's tender and yielding and fragile. And the inside of a wonder it's associated with fertility.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I really need to get some food and sleep, but until next time, here's a flower for you:


Galadriel Thompson said...

I want to see a birth! Sweet dreams sister: )

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

I hope you had lovely flower and fig filled dreams!

ahna said...

Ah, sweet sleep. To sleep, perchance to dream... Ah, Trader Joe's. How I love Trader Joe's. That is very dreamy, shopping alone.
That whole post is sort of dreamy and sensual and absolutely juicy.
I want to watch babies being born! Lucky, lucky you. I hope your sleep was as warm as your post was beautiful.

domesticgoddess said...

Thanks again for working for me, Jill. I totally do the same thing you described after leaving a birth...I usually stop by While Foods on my way home and wonder if I am among anyone who has also just witnessed the beauty of birth. Somehow, even for a fleeting moment, this place is kinder and gentler after a fresh-from-the-womb babe makes its way into the world.

Glad you're enjoying those figs and NC's end-of-season bounty!!

by Johanna Brandvik said...

What a lovely post. The birth, market, figs, flowers...and now hopefully some zzzzzz's! I love that post-birth fuzzy feeling, you capture it so well!